Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Burn Out Ends Today

So I?

Am burned out.

I am not sure if it is a late onset of post-holiday funk or I am just sinking beneath the weight of the ridiculously relentlessness of my life in general.  But it has been a couple weeks so I suppose it is time to snap the hell out of it.  I write this confessional in an attempt at self accountability.  I really need to get my shit together because children in general are typically not sympathetic to the self pity of their mothers. And I don't know about your kids, but mine?  Mine respond with general anarchy.

So this is what I have and have not been doing the last two weeks, with related rationale as appropriate:

1.  Catching Up on Downton Abbey.  And when I say, "catching up" what I mean is I am OBSESSED. I plop down and watch it every time the baby wants to nurse or nap on my lap, etc.  I have been inspired to call my children "darling" and "poor little lamb" as opposed to the things I actually want to call them when the whining will not cease.  But yesterday The Kindergartner asked me if we could get some servants and right now she is making construction paper place settings for thirty people who will supposedly be attending our dinner tonight, so perhaps it is time to take a break. (Besides I think I watched everything I could find online anyway.  Sigh.)

2.  Wearing Jammies.  Continuously.  I have been telling myself that yoga pants are not jammies.  But since I do not actually do yoga and I sleep in the yoga pants - well?  You do the math.  I have a personal policy, "Always look better than you feel."   If you see me in lipstick and I am not at a party, you can bet stuff is messed up pretty bad.  So yesterday, I changed into some (clean!) "yoga pants" and a (clean) sweatshirt.  I donned some small silver hoop earrings because everyone knows you can't wear large silver hoop earrings with sweats unless they say "Juicy" on the back, and on the back of my sweats, any commentary would just be redundant.

But anyway.

I looked in the mirror, and thought to myself, why not just order some mumus from a catalog and get it over with? Good Lord.  No more yoga pants in public.

Now let me say to all my fellow moms who wear sweats and yoga pants everywhere.  You can probably rock it.  I just can't.  I don't look cute in baseball caps either.  We all know our own limits.

3.  Eating cereal.  Instead of real food.  All the time.  I push my kids towards good nutrition.  I make homemade granola bars EVERY WEEK.  I slice bell peppers and send little containers of hummus in their lunches for goodness sake.  I can make myself a damn salad.  I am worth it.




  1. Good heavens, I think I'm the only person alive who has never seen an episode of Downtown Abbey. I don't even know what channel it's on.
    And your comment about large hoop earrings and Juicy sweats cracked me up.

    Praying you bust out of this melancholy.

    1. I would be the second person alive who hasn't seen it. Nor do I know what channel it is on. I'm thinking I'm going to have to give in to peer pressure and watch though. I hear about it EVERYWHERE.

  2. OK Heather, we need a girl's night out!!! And let me take the boy off your hands after school one day next week. Let me know what works for ya'!