Saturday, January 5, 2013

Full Capacity

To all of my followers who have pinged me wondering where on Earth I have been the last two weeks, gosh thank you for noticing!  We survived The Twelve Days of Christmas, in no small part because my house was full of family.  So the college students and young professionals chased, entertained, soothed and at times physically restrained (can you say therapeutic hug?) my children while I toiled in the kitchen (my happy place).  And used enough butter to make Paula Deen proud.  We have been eating and laughing and playing.  And yes, there has been plenty of tantrums and tears and all varieties of challenging behavior.  But with all the support, there has been a generous helping of "normal" too.  And for that, I am deeply, deeply grateful.

There has been so much normal actually, when my friend and fellow blogger over at Momopolize asked if I could host her youngest during her jet set trip to NYC, I didn't bat an eyelash.  To have so much normal, I have some to spare?  For that, I am deeply, deeply grateful.

Yesterday, I had to install the eighth rumble seat in the mini van so my two nieces and I could haul five kids to the local ice-cream joint for a "just because" treat. As we all rode crammed in that van like sardines, with The Boy and his friend making monkey faces and all sorts of inappropriate jokes and my nieces singing along to the kid friendly pop music mix CD they made special for me and The Babe complaining, but not too much and The Kindergartner demanding that the song be changed because this one is a love song and soooooo embarrassing - well?  My heart was just bursting.

Not just the van is at full capacity :)


  1. I didn't know you and Angela were friends in real life!
    So glad you had a nice Christmas break.

    1. Yes! I'm fortunate enough to know Heather in real life! Our kids go to the same school and we live "across the street" from each other. Well...across a 4 lane divided highway and down a couple of side streets. But still basically across the street. lol Heather is one of the kindest, most helpful, generous people you could ever meet. No matter what she has going on, she always has a smile on her face and is willing to do anything for a friend!

  2. I'm so glad I finally took time to catch up on your blog! What a great picture! It put my mind at ease to know you were taking care of Greg while I was gone. He had so much fun...not sure he was happy to see me come home! LOL