Friday, November 16, 2012

Blog Love

Blogging is cathartic and fun for me.  But nearly just as cathartic and fun?  Is finding and keeping up with blogs I love to read.  It occurred to me today, just how much the bloggers I love infiltrate my daily life.  I am not sure if that is a wee bit weird or not.  But I am good with being a wee bit weird.

Also?  I am on a list kick for some reason lately.

1.  I am pretty sure Kris of Pretty All True read one of my posts.  My sister and I have been reading PAT religiously for a long time, and Kris is pretty much my idol.  She is funny as hell and all kinds of profane and inappropriate.  So that gives me little happy chills. Which may be a wee bit weird.  But I am getting redundant with that.

2.  Twice today as I was cleaning up disasters created by The Kindergartner, I found myself murmuring "Ooh.  Baby.  Mess."  This is, of course, how toddler Clara refers to herself in the third person.  It makes me giggle every time.  And it is a whole lot easier to imagine myself cleaning up after someone else's adorable toddler than my own she-devil of a daughter (she is in rare form lately).  You should try it.  Really.

3.  And then when I pulled The Babe from his bath today, and wrapped him in his sister's used and slightly damp towel (because that is how you do it with #4), The Kindergartner remarked that he looked like he was just born, just not as bloody.  This is, of course, because we get all goo-goo-gah-gah over the pictures posted on The Skeptical Mother.  Of course many of those just born babies are wrapped in towels from home after emerging from their home water births.  Love it!

4.  Despite her attempts at bad influence, Angela at Momopolize has not got me hitting the Voli Light Vodka yet.  Though I have thought about it.  I have, however, been hitting her vote button.  Daily.

And if I didn't mention your blog, it is not because I don't love you.  It is just that castrating Autumn leaves?

Well, it's a wee bit weird.


  1. Hahahahaha! As I read your post, I clicked on your links, then came back to the next one. I almost woke my kids up I laughed so hard when I got to the link to my own blog!
    I don't mind being a wee bit weird if you don't. Thanks for the mention. :)

    1. I have read your blog before seeing you mentioned in this post(perhaps I saw your link on here previously but I don't think so?). Your posts crack me up!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, lady. I read and enjoy every single one of yours!

  3. Thanks for the mention...and the votes! Still crossing my fingers I will get the trip (should know by next week). I love reading all of your posts also. You have quite a talent with words! Congrats on your idol reading your post. My idol is The Bloggess and I was just as giddy when she followed me on Twitter (after I mentioned her cat in a blog post). Sure, she may follow 20,000 other people 0n Twitter but she is followed by 200,000 so I still felt pretty special. :D